Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day Twenty-Three.Technolgy..A Blessing or a Curse


I had a whole train of thought that I was going to blog about today. More to do with the scope of being a mom shit..The piles of papers I have all over the house, the beds not being made. Somwhere on the lines of a mom rant. Things that I can't even blame my kids on. All complaints about ME. Then my day shifted.

I got a call from my friend Lisa yesterday. She wanted to take me on a suprise adventure. I was available today. So off we went. I am a kid at heart and my mind was racing as to where she could be taking me. I knew Neiman's was having a "buy a handbag get 10,000 points day"!! Nah, I don't think the Chanel was in the cards for me today. I stopped there. Give in to being surprised. We went on the freeway. Hmmmmm. We got off and the kid in me blurted, 'Your taking me to Icon"! I was right.

Today is October 1, the start of breast cancer awareness month. The hair salon has pink hair extensions and we were both getting one. Pink Sistas!!! So, for the month October we pinkie sweared to keep our extensions in. We look FABULOUS!!!. The hair salon donates their profits to the organization,Stop Cancer. They help fund research for UCLA, USC and CITY OF HOPE. Stop Cancer will match any donation that they get. Awesome. I had such a great time with Lisa, and I am proud to wear pink in honor of me, my breast cancer survivor sisters, and for those who have succumbed to the disease.

Tomorrow a fab gift store in Woodland Hills, KINGFISHER ROAD, is donating a portion of their sales to the Susan B. Komen Foundation. I will hanging and helping. I love that people open up their hearts and their businesses to donate money to causes.It gives us all a chance to be apart of the big picture that helps fund research, helps families who have to deal with life changing events and illnesses, and it gives me hope that people are good and kind. If we all do a little... a lot gets done.

Why listen to Wollfie? Because I get it. I was so happy with my pink hair extensions. I thought I would take a picture of me and change my profile picture. Pink and proud. I rallied one of my boys to play photographer. Lets just say that I had to take a million pictures. I don't know about you, but my face has gotten more oval. I have a roll under my jaw bone if I smile a certain way. Who is this? When I look in the mirror I don't see what the photograph portrays. Do I look with blind eyes?

Anyways, that's not even the tangent I wanted to talk about. Technology is a savior and a curse. I tried to download the picture from my camera to the computer so I could upload the picture onto my blog profile. I am exhausted just typing what I am trying to explain. I COULDN'T DO IT. I tried several different ways. Didn't work. Sometime tonight when my night and shining technology armor comes home (the hubby), he will download and upload the picture for me. Earlier today I tried to add two links of blogs that I am following to my blog roll ( I am so digging the lingo). I followed the directions. I had my friend Jill in Utah guide me step by step on the phone. IT WOULDN'T WORK. I was cursing at the computer. "You bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep bleep"! Finally it worked. Why does something that is supposed to make our lives run smoothly so we can be on the super highway so hard.? It's not super at all, it's annoying and aggravating ,UNTIL, I figure it out. Then the love affair is back with my computer.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. Wendala ~

    It as a pleasure to become your "sista" today. I wear the pink in my hair, proudly and in honor of you! It was fun to kidnap you...maybe next time we'll head to Neiman's to visit your pocketbook. I love you. xoxoxo Lisa