Friday, October 30, 2009

Day Fifty-One..Oops I DId It Again


This getting older business just keeps getting funnier and annoying at the same time. It's annoying because I find I am getting frustrated with myself more often. It's always funny after the fact when I share my "I can't believe I did that" adventures with my friends.

I started off my day at 2:00 in the morning when PING, my eyes opened up. I went to the bathroom trying to not have any thoughts because that sets me up to be up for a few hours. It didn't work. I noticed that my phone was not being charged at my nightstand, so I went looking around the house for it. As you know from me sharing about my misplacing items, I looked all over the house and checked my purse at least five times. No phone. I threw my warm robe on and went to my hubbys car. (the last place I remembered having my phone) It wasn't there. Soooooooooooooo, I searched the house again..SURPRIZE!!! It was on our kitchen counter under the mail. I plugged my phone into the charger and went to my daughters room (the one who is at college) and climbed into her comfy bed. I didn't want to wake my hubby!! I was wide awake. I was annoyed because I was wide awake. It was 2:30 in the damn morning. I had a busy day ahead of me. I watched the news....there was nothing else on except a poker game (we don't have cable in her room). I finally got to sleep at about 3:30.

Ring. Ring. The phone was ringing. It was 7:15. I had to be up at 6:50. I was doing my first time ever 10k in preparation for my race next week. I couldn't eat a proper breakfast (not enough time to digest). I couldn't drink a lot of water before (because I would need depends in my running tights!). My boys were getting there Halloween Costumes together for school and one of them took the costume back to wear that he said his brother could wear. I got involved in the bickering (not a good thing). My boys left late and I had to wait for them because my hubby's car was blocking mine. I finally got in my car and realized I didn't have my phone. I ran back in the house and couldn't find it!! It was on vibrate so it wouldn't wake up my hubby when I get notifications of emails in the middle of the night. I was calling my number as I walked around the house listening for the vibrate. I didn't mention that I couldn't call my running pal to tell her I would be late as her number is programmed in my cell phone!! I finally found my phone in my closet. How it got there, I have no clue!! I met my friend. We ran our 6.2 miles for the first time and I felt....GREAT!! The morning stress was behind me. I was not tired or sore. I met friends for lunch, we giggled and all was good.

Why Listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I picked up my boys today from school as usual. I came home to write in my blog as usual. Something happened to my boys when I sat at my desk to write this blog. It was the "I think I am going to bug my Mom" syndrome. The boys became obnoxious with each other while on their computers in the alcove next to my desk. All we have between us is a door with glass panes. I can hear everything: the farts, the rap music, their banter and these high pitched squeaky voices which send chills down my spine. I asked them to be quieter which only gave them the licence to be louder and squeakier. I asked again and again as my voice got louder and louder.This makes me feel like a piece of shit. I know they are being little shits, but why stoop down to their level? One of the boys inevitably gets sent out of the alcove, which makes them mad..because they have the "why are you getting mad at me, I never do anything wrong look"as they storm out of the room to their room. It's not a productive moment in our household. We always end up talking civilized to each other after they come out of their room. We need a break from each other so we can have that civilized talk!! My kids are good kids. They just can be annoying at times when they have the "I am the center of my universe" attitude. When I am in a calmer state, I can say to my kids:"Either let us into your world or come back into THE WORLD". After I get the "I can't believe you are saying that to me" look, we end up back in a groove with each other, usually after a good heartfelt laugh.

On the heels of a bad morning, doing a long run and being tired from lack of sleep, I didn't have the patience to be the bigger person with my boys. I am just happy that I can accept my side of the street and talk to my kids. It does take two to tango!!

Moral of the story: When you are having a bad day. End it. Go to bed!!! ( told to me today by m gal pal Jackie today!!!)

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

in love and Peace,


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