Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day Fifty...Do You Ever Zone


There is something about knowing that you are not alone in your feelings that is kind of wonderful. I was having lunch with some girlfriends today who are lets say..older than me!!! One of my girlfriends started talking about how forgetful she is. Relating!!!! We all started to laugh and chime in about our funny stories. The stories are endless. I couldn't help but relish in the fact that I am not the only airhead in my circle. To the outside world, we all are responsible capable women. I chimed in with: "Sometimes when I am driving, I will all of a sudden realize that I have changed lanes and I don't remember doing it". They all nodded their heads in agreement. I can't even blame it on being on the phone. I zone out. It's a phenomenon called "Road Zoning". There have been studies (taken by the renowned road expert Wolffie) It shows that when you are female, ages 37 and up, and are driving (usually alone) for ten minutes or more a chemical change happens in the brain that sends a message to the female to forget all that is happening. The study goes on to say that even though the zone affect occurs, the eyes can handle it so accidents are minimal The study sites that when there are children, a spouse or another adult in the car the zoning affect stays dormant because there is no way in hell that the female can be calm enough to forget anything. The suggestion to all women who are 37 and up who are driving alone and are frightened that they might succumb to "Road Zoning": Turn the radio up loud and start singing at the top of your lungs. They feel this represents an average car ride if you are a mother , wife, or laughing with a friend. The study concludes that talking on the phone does not have the same affect as singing does. For more information on the study by Wolffie, you can go to her blog each day to laugh a little, relate a little and sometimes cry a little. Knowing that one is never alone in their feelings is a great help to getting through this stage of life.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. My hubby and I had gone to Colorado to move our daughter into her sophomore year of college. I had worn my engagement ring, but we were moving so much that I put it in my cosmetic bag for safe keeping. We got home and several weeks later, I had the urge to wear my ring. I went to my jewelry drawer. It wasn't there. I looked in a tray by my bedside. Not there. I looked behind a piece of furniture in my bathroom. Wasn't there. I looked five million times everywhere in the house. Gone. I called our daughter to see if I left it at her house. Nope. I was frantic. I was not a peach to be around. I picked up the phone to call my hubby. I felt sick to my stomach when I told him, "I lost my engagement ring". There was silence on the phone. "Are you going to say anything"? He calmly answered. "Honey, you will find it. You always do". I wanted to kill him. I did what any frantic person would do, I HUNG UP ON HIM. I can't believe he wasn't rushing home to help me find my ring while calling our insurance agency at the same time. It was my engagement ring! My boys were home, they were not fazed. Where was my support?!? A light bulb went off. Cosmetic bag. There it was all shiny and waiting to be worn. The crazies left me. I called my hubby who I could tell was smiling on the phone. "Great", was all he said. All was calm in our household once more.

Moral of the story: If mama can't find something, let her be and it will appear.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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