Friday, October 16, 2009

Day Thirty-Eight..Let The Fun Begin


One of my boys got a concussion last night during his soccer practice. It was scary to see him acting so "off". W took him to urgent care as we were worried for him, but he is going to be fine. Today was to be the beginning of my 30 year reunion extravaganza weekend. I thought I would have to bow out,but I feel like my son will be fine. Sooo.....the party began at 11:00 when I picked up my girlfriend in Malibu (she is in from Sun Valley, Idaho). When I drove up and saw what I thought was my friend sitting at the Coffee Bean (our meeting place), I gave a wave and she looked through me. I parked the car and as I was approaching her, I was about to say something crude and I noticed it wasn't her! Okay, so my eyes are not as good as they used to be. This woman was at least 10 years older and a bit wider than my friend. I had to chuckle, and couldn't wait to tell her of my almost embarrassing moment. She called me the "B" word and that solidified that the weekend had begun!! We laughed and walked around the Bu for awhile at then went off to Neiman's to meet the other girls for lunch. There is nothing like old friends. To me it's like wearing an old pair of comfy sweats..they fit just right. That's how I feel about these girls. We fit perfectly. Sometimes I want to strangle them, but they know everything about me..the good and the bad. They have stuff on me...and I have stuff on them!! There is a trust within our circle. We have been friends as a group since we were 12. One of my girlfriend's I have known since we were babies. We were forced family friends. She used to stick her tongue out at me and I loathed when my mom "forced" us to be together. When we were about 8, her family moved up the street from us.We have been friends ever since. Another one of the girls and I have been friends since the 3rd grade. Our mother's went to high school together. They lost touch and were reunited when we met and were best friends until she passed away. The others and I met when we were 12, in the 7th grade. We have all been tight since then. (There are 8 of us in all). That's a lot of years (36 years as a group). We have been there for each other through a lot: trying cigarettes, dabbling in drinking, boys, getting boobs, getting our periods, boys, college, boys, marriage, kids, divorce, getting sober (me), having cancer (me), milestones with our kids, death of parents. All the life cycle stuff. Have we always gotten along? No, there have been fights and periods of times when some of us did not speak. We always seem to find our way back. I know there will be a lot of laughter, reminiscing and reverting back to immature girls this weekend. I can't wait!!!!

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I am happy to share with you that "my girls" and I went to visit my Chanel Caviar Bag after lunch. As I mentioned before, someone bought my black bag, so I modeled a red bag for them. A nice color, but it just doesn't do it for me. It does satisfy my visiting needs. The sales associate took a picture of us as I was holding the bag. When I figure out how to upload the picture, you can tell me if you think it is a hit or a miss bag for me!!!! We reverted back into high school today as we were trying to get some information out of Lori. She ran away and we were chasing her in Neiman's!!! We caught up to her and tried to "make" her answer our question. We were hooting and howling. I held on to her so she wouldn't run away. She never did answer us...but it felt incredible to run around Neiman's and not care what anyone thought. It felt ridiculously freeing to take a picture with my friends carrying "my Chanel" that I will never buy. They went along with me as if this was normal! Now that's friendship. This is going to be a fun weekend!!!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. you and that damn bag! :)
    I'm kind of glad that you can't buy it because I don't think you'd enjoy the "have" as much as the "want"!!!!
    have a great weekend! love you xo

  2. i can just picture that happening right now, im literally laughing out loud. i hope you have a GREAT weekend, i love you! xoxoxo