Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Twenty-Nine...Giving Things Up


I got the dreaded call from my hubby this morning....pull back on the spending. Heavy sigh. I don't fault him for giving me the call. We have four kids, one in college, 3 cars, crazy ass health insurance premiums, and the list goes on.

What can I do to reel in my spending? I have already given up facials. I bought a cheap daily scrub instead to get rid of my scaly skin. As I mentioned a couple of days ago when I spoke of my Elvira toenails, I don't get mani/pedis on a regular basis. I get my hair cut and colored every 6-8 weeks instead of once a month.

What do I need to work on? Shopping for fall clothes. Although I don't buy high priced items, I do get a lot of lower priced items. It does add up. I can cut that out..painful but I WILL DO IT! Chanel bag is on hold forever!!! My "visits" will suffice!

My 30 year reunion is in a couple of weeks. Instead of buying a new outfit, I went to my friend's closet who has killer taste. I borrowed a great blouse. The question I must ask myself is, "Is it about rekindling relationships with old friends or how you look Wolffie?" Honestly, it is a little bit of both. I will primp and it will all be okay.

I have a bar mitzvah this weekend where all my friends are going to be there who have seen me in all of my bar-mitzvah outfits. Do I buy a new outfit? NO. I am going shopping in my own closet. Will my friends even notice or even care about what I am wearing? I would think not. They are just going to worry if I am going to boogie woogie woggie all night long! I will.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I am trying to do my part and not going out to lunch everyday. This is my way of being with my girlfriends and having adult conversations, a giggle, and some input about how I am not going insane raising my kids!!! I have tried to slow it down, go for coffee instead, walk, run, and I will have to start having them meet me at my house for lunch.

Today, I had a birthday lunch for a good friend (not an excuse..a plan in the books for weeks). I thought it was prudent to park in the visitor parking lot instead of the valet, even though I was late, par usual!! I found out that the valet section was free until 3:00 pm. The visitor parking was free too. I did save $3.00 on the tip for the valet though!! I needed gas in my new not as bad as my Suburban but still not as great as a Prius, Ford Flex. I have been driving around my daughter's Scion XB which gets great gas mileage. I needed to pick up a slew of boys,my Flex was on empty, so I thought it prudent (again) to go to the Arco station that gets $2.89 per gallon, the cheapest around. I was backing into the slot and in comes this red convertible mustang (a rental I am sure) who goes into my slot. I honk the horn and she IGNORED ME! I rolled down my window, "I was backing into the space. Why did you take it" (as nicely as possible)? Her answer, "I did not understand what you were doing." "Whatever", I said as I pulled away to wait for another spot.

Was it worth the 1.70 savings (plus the .45 transaction fee)? Was the aggravation worth it? If it makes my husband feel like we are a team in this spend less time in our lives..then I have to say, Yes. Target here I come!!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

in Love and Peace,


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