Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day Forty-Eight.. One Minute Escaping, The Other Back In Reality


I am feeling a bit under the weather today. After I took my son to the dentist to get a filling, I dropped him off at school and came home to chill. And chill I did. I threw my favorite hand knit blanket over me and slept a bit on my comfy leather couch. After my cat nap, I turned on the TV to watch my soaps. If you ever want to feel sane about your life, watch a soap opera. I am a ABC soap gal. Today I watched All My Children. I don't think I have watched it in at least a year. It doesn't really matter. The characters might have changed, but the scenarios don't. Lust, murder, intrigue, deception, same sex marriage. It's all about the conflict. I was hooked!!! My life is surely normal in comparison. I have not slept with my brother-in-law to get my hubby jealous. My four kids were conceived with my hubby. My long lost brother who has been missing for fifteen years has not knocked on my door with a family in tow( I talk to my bro a few times a week and he lives 3 miles from me). My boy did not start a fire in the local park and try to pin in on his arch rival. My BFF did not undermine me to become the head of the PTA. Our town has not been overtaken by aliens.

My life is BORING in comparison to a soap opera. I must tell you I have a busy insane full life. Is there drama? Yes. Is there love? Yes. Is there pain? Sometimes. Is there monotony? At times. Is there PTA? Yep. Is there passion? Yep. Some might call my life a soap opera as things are always happening (mostly good..some not so good) but I wouldn't want to jump the television and live in Port Charles ,USA (General Hospital).

Why Listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I picked up my 3 boys from school today along with 3 of the twins friends. They have had this on going project due in Social Studies. My house has been the project house. After my quiet day, I have 6 boys in my car who are comfortable with me so therefore they are LOUD. "Dude" this and "Dude" that. Testosterone City. The one up man ship of teenage boys astounds me. Do they really have to compete about everything from who is the best in various sports to who knows all the words to the rap song that is blaring as they are writing their paper? (which they get A's on!) How can they concentrate with Lil Wayne professing his crap? Gansta Love? (Snoop Dogg), how can these Suburban boys relate to the lifestyle? It is polar opposite. They tell me the these rappers "Represent". Huh?!? What happened to Emo? We can all relate to having a tortured soul. This gansta shit eludes me. I often have conversations with my boys ( and my daughter too) about how these songs make treating women poorly and violence okay. They laugh at me. My hubby is right behind them singing the damn songs! (can you picture the family sing-a-long?!?) Give me Jack Johnson, Jack's Manniquin, or The Dixie Chicks. Give me love songs. Give me Green Day. I do love rebellion (not in my kids though). Heavy sigh. I have had to let this one go. I guess rap to me is what the Beatles were to parents in the 60's. Have I become that "not cool parent who doesn't understand them?" OMG.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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  1. I feel your pain once again. David listens to all that musica and refers to himself as "a total g"(gangsta). He is about as opposite of a "gangsta" as any kid I know. Crazy teenagers!!!