Monday, October 19, 2009

Day Forty-One..Back To Reality


Today I woke up and I was back in 2009! Tee entire weekend I was in and out of feeling like a 16-18 year old and occasionally feeling 48. It was a definitely a surreal weekend. Today was like any normal Monday. My hubby brought me coffee in bed and I sipped it with no regard to having to rush out of the house. The boys went off to school ( hubby takes them on Mondays) and I got on the computer. My reality these days (besides my normal mom and wife stuff) is getting myself dialed into the blog world. It is different than anything I have ever experienced. There are many blogs that I can get onto. Blogs for women, blogs for writers, online magazines. It is great that there is so much opportunity, but where does one stop? I have to say I am enjoying reading others thoughts and opinions.

The Internet on my phone has caused me not to shut my head off. I go on several times in the day to twitter, face book, blog and check to see if I have comments (come on guys..can you comment every once in a doesn't have to be can be constructive!!!!) This has become a full time job...with no pay but definitely worthwhile. I am getting closer to having the courage to start the novel. So, I must thank-you for allowing me to indulge in my creative process and for you taking the time to read my comings and goings.

Why Listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. So, there might be a little part of me that is stuck in my teens. I picked my son up early (the one who had a concussion). We were waiting to pick up my other boys. He was doing some reading and I was bored. I just figured out what the little picture of a camera next to my text box was: for taking pictures and being able to send it along with a text. What a concept. I immediately took several shots of myself and sent them off to various people. I was having a so much fun and totally distracting my son's reading efforts. Doesn't it feel good to let loose? I think my kids thoroughly enjoy when I laugh at myself. Their smiles say it all. Sometimes I am so into being orderly and on target and "the serious mom" that I forget to show my kids the funny side of me. It's okay for me to be goofy and "just be" in the moment . The pics above are a sample of Wolffie being Wolfffie!!!

Mantra for today: Let go of pretense and just be/
Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. not too many 48 year olds can still carry off red lipstick!!! You wear it well (I on the other hand have had to switch to a more subtle shade!!)
    love checking in on you every day!!

  2. i loved your pic text message! :) xoxoxo