Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day One Hundred and Thirteen...All I Want Is A Good Night's Sleep!!!!!!!

Hi. It's 6:20 am on Sunday. The house is quiet.. The Hubby and The Kinder are sleeping peacefully. It's rather nice to have no rumblings occurring..and yet I cant help but wonder, why in the hell am I up when I don't have to be?!? Lets be honest. I have no control over my sleep patterns lately. I wake up several times in the night to pee. I have heard from The Offices of Them and They that if you don't drink any liquids after a certain time you won't have to pee. Well, I have tried that theory and it doesn't apply!! No matter what, the toilet G-ds are beckoning me at 2:30 am. Sometimes I can saunter into the bathroom, do my pee and get back into bed and go back to sleep quickly. This did not happen this morning. I sauntered in for my way to early in the morning pee and climbed back into bed when it happened.. eyes were wide open and my mind starting racing a mile a minute. The ever so annoying list started rattling off stuff in my head like a firring squad: YOU HAVE TO.....register the twins for high school, make sure Running Stud packed EmergenC in his bag for altitude training camp, make sure Soccer Stud 2 studies for his Bar Mitzvah training, try to figure out how to get everyone where they need to be while The Hubby is going off to a seminar, think about how I can lose weight, think about when I can exercise, start to get sad because College Studette is leaving for college in a day and how I am going to miss her, think about when I can help her pack in between the 2 soccer games I have to go to today, think about how I can get The Hubby to be on board for the interior paint job for our house, think about all the things I have to do for the PFC, think about getting to the Val Surf sale for back to school shopping for my Studs, think about when I am going to write my blog and finish my play and think about how I can shut off my ever so busy head so I can get back to sleep. The head didn't shut off. I am up and nothing got solved and I am ANNOYED with my head. At least I am blogging!!! Check one thing off the list!!! WoooHoo!!

What's causing my sleepless nights in Wolffieland? Is it menopause? Is it Crazy Mom who doesn't have time to breathe in the day so she has to think at 2:20 in the morning? Is this repairable? Cuz I am tired. I kinda know the answer..SLOW DOWN. Write lists before bedtime. Fit in exercise. Eat dinner earlier. Chill and live in the moment. AHHHH. Just saying that makes me feel better. Chill and live in the moment. Now this is something that The Offices of Them and They has to pass along. BTW...does anyone know who runs The Offices of Them and They?

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. Honestly, today I don't have a story to tell. Wolffie is tired. Wolffie is feeling a bit out of sorts. Wolffie does not feel funny and relate able today. Wolffie is gonna sign off and drink a Cup O Joe that The Hubby is getting right now. Wolffie is gonna chill so she ca be patient with her family, not over eat and have a peaceful day in the eye of the storm day that lies ahead of her!!!

Can you relate? More will be revealed.

Signing off until we meet again. Please come back for more.

in Love and Peace,