Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Fifty-Two....The kids are growing up


I thought that I would like the break from taking a couple days off of blog writing. I missed it. I do have two days worth of stories to fall back on though. I never thought of myself as a routine girl. I am. There is something about picking up the boys from school, getting a cup of tea, lighting my candles, looking at the picture of my dad for inspiration and writing. The actions of sitting in front of my computer to write concrete thoughts is relaxing. I don't often give myself the opportunity to relax as I am a "go get em" type of girl. To contemplate about my day or share a thought on my blog has given me the mindset to move forward and to follow my writing dreams.

My weekend was strange. Especially Halloween night. This is the first time in 18 years that I have not taken one of my kids trick or treating. Weird. My daughter is off having a Halloween weekend at college.My hubby took our youngest boy in the late afternoon to a friends house. When he got there, there were about 6 girls and three boys hanging outside. He DID NOT want my hubby to get out of the car. I had made arrangements with my friend (the mom) so my hubby did as he was told. Weird. Our baby is growing up. I wonder if it was me who was dropping him off....would he have done the same thing? I can't be as embarrassing as my hubby, can I? The twins are another story. I KNOW I EMBARRASS THEM. Right now I am not cool. I know I will be some day. I dropped off my twins at their friends house at 6:00. I had no thoughts of walking them in! I had a scrumptious dinner waiting for me (cooked by the hubby). I picked up my frozen yogurt. I was ready for a night of cute costumes and young kids coming to our house for candy. While we were waiting for "the knock", we watched the World Series. All was good. The night went on and WE GOT ZERO TRICK OR TREATERS!! This sent me into "a mood". It's hard enough having your kids grow up and not hanging with you on one of the funnest nights ever, but I thought I could still hold onto the fun with handing out candy. NOPE. I was a cranky mom when I picked up the kids. I wish I could have told them that I missed hanging with them. I didn't want them to feel bad. Everyone is growing up. Even my kids. I am not entirely ready. It's a right of passage to do so. It just hurts sometimes. I think I will tell them today. After the fact. I know they will hug me..and maybe that's what it is about...them growing up and me letting them. The gift is the hug. I love hugs more than I do candy anyways!!!

Why Listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. My niece and daughter were having a play date at our house. They were both about 5 1/2. My niece LOVED (and still does) candy. She always had some kind of candy stashed on her, usually sour. On this day, the play date went great. Lori was out of town so Nana came and took my niece home. I got this weird phone call from Nana. She was laughing and horrified at the same time. Apparently my daughter wanted my niece's sour patch candy. My niece had no problem giving it to her . For a price that is: all the money in my daughter's piggy bank! (about $20.00)!! At the time I remember thinking how well ( and quietly) they were playing together!! When I went to my daughters room (after the Nana phone call), the piggy bank was broken apart on her carpet. She didn't seem unhappy though. Could it have been the sugar rush!!! I drove to get back the money from my niece. When I got there, she looked a bit scared. Was Auntie going to yell at her. No way. She handed me the bag of change as crocodile tears were running down her face. No words were spoken. I hugged her tight and said, "Next time you don't have to give your cousin your candy if you don't want to give her your last package". "Oh no Auntie, I had more at home. I just wanted to have her money so I could buy lots more"!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

in Love and Peace,


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