Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Fifty-Four..Do I Really Have To Be Completely Honest?


I got my renewal letter for my drivers license from the DMV the other day. I have not had a ticket in years (poo poo on the truth), so I thought I was going to be able to mail it in as I had done in previous years. But NOOOO, that's not what the letter said.. I have to go in, take an eye exam and have a new photo taken. What's up with that? My hubby who had had several tickets (he did traffic school) gets to mail his renewal in. I, who have had a perfect record, has to go to the DMV, wait in line (even though they give you an appointment) and have to fill out new information. Did I mention that they ask about your weight? I don't care that I have to take a new picture. I don't care that I have to take an eye exam. I care that my weight has gone up 10 pounds and I am faced with telling the truth about this issue or fibbing. What's a girl to do? Tell the friendly DMV person that I have gone through menopause and I can't get back down to my old weight? Do I keep it the way it is and hope they haven't changed their procedure by having me hop on a scale that's voice activated and says, "Up ten pounds". Do I keep the same weight or do I put my new and improved upwardly mobile weight on my new license? I talked to a friend today and she suggested that I meet halfway in the middle. That sounded like a good plan. As the day has worn on, I have been thinking about it (and I have been thinking about it!), I am going to put my actual weight. I am going to be honest. Who really looks at "the number" anyway? I have never had a sales associate say, "Do you REALLY weigh that? Never. If I put a phony number down, then I am saying that I am not okay with the me. Am I a "hot mama"? NO. Am I a "you better get in better shape mama"? NO. I am a "average weight and body type mama who does the best that she can". So, I will go for my appointment with my head held high and my a flab neatly tucked away and I will take that picture, pass that eye exam, and put my correct weight for my new license. If the person at the DMV comments, " My Wolffie you have added some poundage in the past ten years", I am not sure if I will keep my mouth shut or walk out in horror. I know that this scenario won't happen..does the DMV person or the rest of the world really care if I weigh more?

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I had a gift card for Saks Fifth Avenue. I was setting it aside to put towards my Chanel Grand Shopper. Who was I kidding? I would need many more gift cards to purchase that handbag. I decided to use it for my daughters birthday instead. As I was walking to the escalator to go to the fifth floor, wouldn't you know it, I had to walk by the Chanel Handbag boutique! Could I walk past and not "visit" my coveted bag? What do you think? I walked straight to the bag, put it on my shoulder, looked in the mirror (I look fab in that bag!), set it down and walked away completely satisfied until my next encounter. I was able to buy my girl a special birthday gift (can't tell you what I bought because she reads my blogs!). Isn't that what it is about? I love getting family and friends special things. I love to buy myself special things as well, but it really feels better to give than to receive. That's not to say if a family member or a friend finds that they are in Chanel and have the urge to give a Grand Shopper to a special someone......Oh no, I couldn't accept such an extravagant gift...or could I?!? LOL!!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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