Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day Two. Fab and Flab

Day Two. Fab and Flab.

Hi. I want to thank-you all for your comments and good wishes. To say that I was elated is and understatement. It's amazing how we all feel the same, or close to the same. The funny thing is, I have always strived to be a bit different on the outside: whether it being my ever changing hair colors and styles, or the way I funk up an outfit. It kinda screams, "I am my own person". On the inside, where my soul lies, I want to relate to you. I want you to know me and know that I feel like you, laugh like you and that we are on the same page.

Let me tell you about my day. I hosted a Cabi home party. My lovely Cabi representative came by last night to to set up several collections of clothing for fall. I promised myself that I would only buy a couple of things. So when I was by myself, I tried on some things . An array of emotions came crashing into my psyche. "Why are you wearing that size"? "What's with the flab"? "Ohhhh, this hides a multitude of sins"!

This morning my lovely Cabi rep and I started playing around. I tried on some stuff for her and she said..."YOU LOOK FABULOUS"! In an instant everything changed. So, what's wrong with getting a few key pieces?!? My girlfriends started coming in and trying clothes on. THEY ALL LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. They tried on stuff that I hadn't even considered. The possibilities of my purchases got big. Why do my friends have to be so cute!?!

So in the end, I had 14 items on my wish list. (I know at this very moment my hubby is having a panic attack....I did not buy all of it sweetie..just a few key pieces that will charm you when we go out for our lavish evenings at the movies, Maria's Italian Kitchen or sushi night.)

Why is it that my inner dialogue has to be so mean until I get a compliment from a friend or my lovely Cabi rep? Why is it that I need approval so much? This is a constant struggle for me. It takes so much inner work, but I am getting better. So maybe I should start a mantra for myself..."I'm Fab even with my Menopausal Flab".

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. As you know I have four kids. Having my twins and another child 16 months later really put a number on my bladder. I really have to be careful when I drink a lot of liquids. A few years ago, I was at a 4oth birthday party. We met at a baseball field. I was up at bat and had a great hit. I ran to first , then to second, then to third, and then I was coming on home.!! My girlfriends were hooping and hollering..I was almost at home base when I screamed with glee and a bit of embarrassment, " I just peed in my pants!!!!!!!!!" That was an understatement. I peed the ocean in my pants! I was soaking wet. I had to go home, change my clothes and go back to the party. In some ways it was freeing to let them in on my peeing secret.

Does it change the way they think about me? I don't think so. It just gives me creditability that I am a woman who pees in her pants!!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. i love it! can't wait to hear more, i l already have some of my friends following and im sure there will be more i love you xoxoxo

  2. Oh, you know I'm right with ya sista on this never-ending subject. Sigh.

    You're inspiring me to pick up a blog that I started a bit ago. I haven't posted since I started it and now that I'm done with my adoption blog, maybe it's time to revisit! It's called Does This Blog Make Me Look Fat and you can find it at Thanks, Wolfie!!!

  3. What fun...This is going to be fantastic for you....I feel a book coming on....

  4. wendy i can relate to the peeing in the pants thing- and i havent even had kids yet! i will tell you more about it sometime. i laughed out loud very hard reading this. :)

  5. You are funny!! Love the part about wanting to connect. What's up with the peeing in the pants? So get it, my menopausal friend.
    Love you,