Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Fifteen...When You Gotta Go..You Gotta Go


Today was an ordinary day in the life of me!!! I took the boys for our Wednesday Donut Day before school. I met Pamela, my running buddy for a run. We were going to up our run from 3.1 miles to 4 1/2 miles. All was going well until I had to go to the bathroom!!! I tried to talk myself out of stopping, but I couldn't.I am happy to say that we run on the road, not trails. The image of me squatting on a trail is, well, funny and gross!!! I flew into the Corner Bakery, did what I needed to do, and continued my run. I was at the hill portion. I had to walk for part of the way. I did finish the 3.1 miles but could not do the rest. I have a hard time stopping and starting. I was a bit bummed. I have learned not to push when I know I can't go anymore. I have to listen to my body and mind. I ate popcorn for my evening snack last night and I think I can't eat popcorn the night before a run.. Too much fiber!! Do you catch my drift!!!

I came home and went looking for an online writing class. I had to come to accept that this is not a good time for me to be in a class setting. I have to shelp my kids to their various events during the week and on the weekends. Taking an online course will give me structure and I can create my hours. My intentions are always good. I want to do it all. I can't do it all. I end up quiting, which doesn't feel good. I feel like, "There I go again stopping something that I started". Who needs those negative tapes rolling around in their head? Certainly not me. It is counter productive. I just want to expand my horizons. I want to do something that brings me joy and peace (like this blog). I want to fulfill a dream.

It is freeing to allow myself flexibility. It is something I need to constantly work on as a wife, mother, daughter and student. If I allow myself to be flexible than those around me will more than likely follow suit. Why did it take me so long to figure this one out?!?

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. Who likes to be controlled? I don't!!! I know that I control my kids more than I have to.My twins are in the party circuit. A lot of times the invitation states "dressy attire". Some kids come in suits and ties, some come in jeans and a button down shirt, some come in jeans, a t-shirt and jacket. The key here is variety. My kids wanted to do the jean route..I said no. "You must wear a suit and tie. It is respecting the wishes of the parents who are giving the party". "Can we wear tennis shoes with our suits"? "NO".

I am sure you are catching that we were in constant battle every weekend. I finally decided enough Wolffie. As it is my boys have these loud plaid and striped suits. They certainly didn't look conservative. I let them wear tennis shoes with their suits. They looked funky and adorable. They stopped arguing about wearing a tie. One of the boys wore a bow tie!!! If only I was more flexible. Who needs to cause a riff over shoes?!?

Lesson learned.? Oh yeah. I have to pick my battles wisely.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. been there, done that (although I was walking, not running! :)

  2. you forgot to mention the part where because you let the boys wear their "pimp suits" and tennis shoes they have become trend setters and all of their friends wear tennis shoes with cool suits too!

    i cant believe your running story, so funny! i love and miss you mommy, can't wait to see you in two weeks from today! love you xoxoxox