Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Ten..You Can't Beat Tradition


What a difference a day makes. I am feeling so much better than I did yesterday. I think it is because it is a holiday tonight. My family is coming over to celebrate the New Year. You can't beat tradition. No matter what is is and why you do it. I started doing the holidays when my folks moved to the desert. We always do it on the eve of the holiday. I love setting the table, smelling the brisket in the oven (which we must have because my family expects it). I also like giving out the food assignments even though everyone knows what to bring for this holday because it has to be a sweet kugal, carrot souffle, and health veggies. I used to get really stressed out. I wanted it to be perfect. We used to have 30-35 people. I would have my friends over as well as my family. After my died died, I just couldn't do it anymore. I needed to cocoon and be with my immediate family (which is still 16-20 depending on the year). I felt awful about excluding my friends. I don't like to hurt people's feelings.

This is our first holiday without our daughter. Last year she came home, but this year she is having the holiday with our friends who live in Boulder. I miss her and the holiday will be different. My niece left for college today in Oregon. My nephew is abroad in Portugal. My other nephew is back from his travels and hasn't been here in several years. My other niece is coming with her boyfriend.Things change. Kids leave for college and then come back, People die. The next step will be marriage and babies. Traditions don't change. That's what I love about the holidays.

To those of you who celebrate the New Year and to those of you who don't, I wish you all a sweet year with health, happiness and peace.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. When we moved back from New York, we took over Thanksgiving. We were so excited. We made the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (which have become a specialty of my hubby's), homemade cranberry know the works. The table was set to perfection. All was good...until...Bobby went to carve the turkey. IT WAS RAW!!! We were so embarrassed. Bobby cut up the turkey and put it into the microwave. My family decided at that more Thanksgiving for us!! Since then my sister in law has taken over and it is the best meal ever. So, I take the other holidays and all is good. Tradition.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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  1. I have great memories of the Hannuka parties your parents would put on. Your dad always had great jokes and loved to show us the latest kitchen gadget. Aldean made great Latkes. Lance had good stories about our family's history. Faye and the other relatives from the older generation so fascinating when you are less than 10 years old, meeting people born in 1899 and 1900.