Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day Eleven..A Promise is a Promise


It's 9:30 pm and I am tired. I promised myself that I would write everyday so here I am. My mind does not work well at night. Do you think it because I stuff so much into the day that all I want to do is collapse and watch TV? I wish I could read at night. The only books that could hold my attention at night was the Twilight Series. I think it because it brought me back to the feelings of innocent love and old fashioned romance, with some suspenseful twists and turns. Life doesn't seem innocent anymore. We are bombarded with images and information through the Internet, texting, our cameras on our cell phones, television and movies. There is never a break. I am constantly checking to see if I have emails..(hint, hint , I am checking to see if anyone commented on my blog entries!!)

My hubby teases me because I love chick flicks. They are romantic. They make me laugh and cry. I know that nine times out of ten when I walk out of the movie I will have laughed and cried and love prevailed. I believe in love. I believe in family. I believe that through tough times and good times that the strength of love will get you through. My friends and family have proved this to me countless times. My girlfriends have laid with me in my bed after my dad died because I couldn't get out and face the world. My husband held me when I was afraid I would not see my kids grow up because of my cancer. I held my daughter in my arms when she was sad about a break up. I wiped the tears from a son's cheek when he was scared after a bad dream. I cried when my son scored the winning goal on his birthday (today). I wept with joy when my other son found his passion for running. My heart melted when my son held a door open for me. I had a full heart when my husband heard me as I casually mentioned in a conversation that I always wanted to see a ballet. He took "his girls" on Valentines Day that year to dinner and a ballet (even though it was men dressed up as women spoofing the was a ballet nonetheless!) To me, all of these things were built around love or romance. It can still happen in our crazy, busy lives. We just have to recognize it.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. My fourth child was born twelve years ago tonight. He was two weeks early, but I was soooooooooo ready to pop the baby out of the oven. I had a conversation with my baby as I was rubbing my tummy. "I am ready to hold you and love you. We all can't wait to meet you" . With in 3 hours as I was sitting at the bank, I got this sharp pain in my back. BACK LABOR. I abruptly left the bank, called a friend and had her talk with me until I got home. I called my husband who apparently wasn't ready to have a baby!! He goes into a state of denial when I go into labor.He went on a business lunch date. I don't have to tell you what I said to him as as I hung up the phone!!!! ( My friend's husband took me to the hospital and sat with me until my hubby came with my daughter (the twins were 16 months old and at home). My doctor came in at around 10:00, checked me out and said ,"Your baby will be born by the 11:00 News". At 10:57 pm our son was born. He was so beautiful. I held him in my arms and said, "He looks like our daughter with a penis!!" In the end, my hubby came through with flying colors, as usual. He is a special man who has brought me so much... laughter, wanting to wring his neck, four beautiful children, acceptance, wanting to wring his neck, compassion, a nice life, wanting to wring his neck, comfort..and I am saving the best for and romance. Am I a chick flick or what?!?

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In love and Peace,


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  1. I sooooo love this one...
    Life should be one chick flick.....