Monday, December 7, 2009

Day Sixty-Seven...A Priceless Holiday

Well, I have been on hiatus from blogging after I ranted on how I wanted to stay true to myself and write. It’s not because I was backing out on my word. I went on a vacation with one of my twin boys. It was a vaca for me, but he was running a National Cross Country Race in Orlando, Florida. As most of you know, Florida is commonly known as the sunshine state. It was cold and rainy. Sunshine or not, we did not let that stop us from having fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with my 13 year old boy. Who would think that we could agree on what to eat, when to shop (outlet mall for cold rainy gear!), and what rides to go on at Disneyworld? I was the one who had to be more agreeable. At home when I am with my brood, I have to admit that I can be the “controlling mom who likes to have her way because that keeps me sane”!! On our trip, I could let go and just be. So, I went on the scary rides (anything with a roller coaster). My boy held my hand and I screamed my head off. We held hands throughout the trip and my boy actually kissed and hugged me in front of his peers!!! OMG, DID THAT FEEL GOOD!!! I can’t tell you how many times he told me that this was such a great trip. " Thanks Mom. This trip was so much fun. I am glad you brought me here”. Am I dreaming? No. Am I elated? Yes. Do I want to do this again? For sure.

I am proud of my boy to boot. He ran his heart out. He placed well. He was happy with his race. He was confident. This is a journey he is carving out for himself. We are just along for the ride. It is a great ride. It has its bumps along the road, but there are lessons he is learning that I can’t teach him. It’s a marvel to watch his head compute statistics (definitely not my skill) and to watch him run sends chills down my spine. This is the boy who had open heart surgery at 12 weeks of age. It truly teaches me that all is possible. All we must do is open our hearts and our minds and situations come to us. We must dive in spite of our fears and know that no matter what, we learn and grow and something will “stick”. I lost years of writing because I was not open to learn and explore. I was into FEAR. My boy teaches me by example to “GO FOR IT”. Does he get nervous and feel like he might not succeed in a race? Most definitely. Does he race in spite of his fear? Yes. He has taught me to keep my eyes open because you never know who your mentor will be. He is mine.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I LOVE Tinkerbell. I relate to her being feisty. She was a protector of Peter pan. As a kid, I loved her because she had magical powers. I wished I had fairy dust and could fly around and wave my wand. As an adult, I related to her wanting to protect those she loved. When it came time to buy gifts for the family, how could I not buy something with Tinkerbell for me?!? I bought a coffee mug that replaced the one I broke several years ago. And then I saw a snow globe Tinkerbell!! When you shook it it had fairy dust stars!! I thought it would be perfect for my desk, perfect to shake when I had writers block. I knew her "fairy dust" could help me create (I would just close my eyes and believe). We got to the airport and were going through security. "Miss is this your backpack"? "Yes sir it is". "I am going to have to ask you to pick up the rest of your belongings and meet me over here". Oh sh*t. What did I pack? "Is there anything in here that could cut me"? "I have a shot glass (for my hubby's espresso collection!!) and a mug and snow globe". "Ma'am, the snow globe contains liquid. We are going to have to confiscate this or I can escort you to the Disney Store and you can return it.". My heart sunk because I knew Tink was not coming home with me.

Moral of the story: When they mean no liquid on an airplane, snow globes apply.

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,



  1. I'm so sad that they confiscated your snow globe! I think it sounds magical and now I want one, too. It would be the perfect accessory for my desk. I'm going to pick one up for me from Santa while I'm out doing my Christmas shopping. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Thanks, also for sharing how you are inspired by your son. That story inspires me, too!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip. It does feel amazing when those teenage boys actually exhibit some love for their mommas. We are very blessed to have wonderful children who provide us with inspiration!