Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day Sixty-Eight..I said Brrrr..It's Cold Out Here


I was talking with my daughter yesterday as she was walking home from class. She is in Boulder, Colorado and we are in Southern California. Yesterday was a cold rainy day here and I was kind of pissed because I had just come back from Florida where it was rainy and cold. I yearned for our Southern California "mild winter". Anyways, back to my conversation with my girl. She was really cold. The temperature said it was 3 degrees. Wow, that's a bit nippy!! She was going to climb into bed to get warm and confided that she was going to wear the long brown down jacket I MADE HER BUY last year when she started her freshman year. "You will need this when it's cold". She was truly mortified with the purchase. She also didn't want to buy the after ski boots with cozy fur inside that I MADE HER BUY either!! "Everyone's gonna know I am from California when I wear this stuff". My response...."And"?!? Lets just say that her new roomie who was from New Jersey wanted to buy the stuff we had just purchased!!! Fast forward to a year later:"Mom I have to admit that I am going to wear the brown coat later today". I was speechless. Do I needle her and say "I told you so"? That would not be very nice. Instead I yelled out a huge "I told you so scream"!!!! It was very satisfying. We both laughed and moved on to a different topic.

Why don't our kids just come to terms with "Moms know best"? I am going to be 49 in a few weeks and I still have that " I know it all and you don't" attitude when I don't like a suggestion that my mom will give me. She is usually right!!! I know that we all want to have our own identity and our own opinions..but do we have to fight against common sense? It gets butt cold in Boulder, Colorado..why not be prepared?

Today in beautiful Southern Cal it was 32 degrees at about 8:30 when I went for my run. Did I bring gloves or a hat? No. Was I cold? Yes. My face and lips burned a bit. It felt good to feel the cold. It was invigorating. When I got home, I took a shower, got dressed and stepped outside to start my day. I had to go back inside and add another layer!! Yippee. I hope we have a cold winter. It is so much fun bundling up!!!

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. When my husband and I moved to New York, I was sooooooooooo excited. Coming from Southern Cal, we really only have 2 seasons. Being the fashionista that I am, I couldn't wait to get all the paraphernalia for a brisk fall and cold winter. I bought beautiful scarves,coats, gloves, sweaters and shoes. I was set and I was going to look good!!!! The fall came and I was in heaven. The winter came and I was so excited for the first snow. I stuck my tongue out to feel the cold snow. I was elated how silent snowflakes are when they fall from the sky. It was incredible. I felt like a little kid. It was new and I couldn't wait for the next snowfall. These feelings got old quickly as the winter was one of the coldest NYC had had in many years. Screw the snowflakes, screw my face feeling brisk. I walked around doubled over murmuring "I'm cold. I'm cold. I'm cold (no sh*t Sherlock, who wouldn't be!)." I thought if I said my little mantra, it would make me feel warm. NOT. The only thing that my mantra did was make my hubby laugh, so all was not lost. I still say my mantra to this day when I am cold. It doesn't help me feel warmer but it gets a chuckle from the hubby!! So, today as I feel so thoroughly excited about the cold and yearn for this weather to last for awhile, I know that soon I will be counting down the days when I can strip down to my bikini (who am I kidding..my one piece will do!). Until then, I will bundle up and forgo my frozen yogurt for a hot cup of tea!! Cheerio!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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  1. youre right, you did tell me so. and i am soo happy cause its EFFING COLD!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo