Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day Seventy-Four..Why Does Everything Cost Sooo Much?


Do you ever feel strangled by how much it costs to exist in the world? Now I have to consider the fact that I have a hubby, four kids, a dog, lots of family members (from me and my hubby), and lots of friends. It always seems like there is a birthday, a lost something, the need to get shoes, the need to get clothes, the need to buy groceries, the need to get a car fixed, the need to fix a broken window (thanks to balls flying into to them) and the need to be out in the world. It seems like money goes out faster than it comes in.

While we are on the subject...have you noticed that the prices go up for movies and the length of time is shorter? The prices are between $11.00 and $12.50 per ticket.. How much does it cost to make popcorn and put syrup in the carbonated water for sodas? It's a small fortune to buy popcorn, a soda and candy. Don't get me started on the candy. I take my boys to Rite Aid to get candy (which horrifies them). I can get them all candy for way less than it costs at the movies. We have to sneak it in (which always makes me sweaty and nervous). I always buy one large popcorn (with one free refill) and pour it into individual trays. I also buy 2 large sodas that we all "share". Barney taught us that "Sharing is Caring"!!! I share and my boys care (or should I say my 13 year old twins would rather have their own stuff...TOO BAD BOYCHICKS). My daughter used to be horrified until she got older (and wiser) and started paying for her own gas, food, etc!!!! My boys time will come that they will pay for most things.....that should be interesting!!!

When you buy bagged items from the market..the cost has gone up and the amount of food has decreased. Does this make any sense? This could be a new diet: AVOID BAGGED PACKAGES. In some ways this is brilliant because chip, cookies, kettlecorn, cereals (okay some are healthy) are all things that would be off the eating list. Granted produce has gone up..but at least "they" haven't managed to make tham smaller in size!!!

I started to think about all this because my daughter misplaced her retainers. They are not at her home in Boulder and they are not here in Los Angelos. Where can they be?!? It's a small fortune to replace them. Her teeth are so beautiful. Do I get them ( the retainers) or not? Do I risk having her teeth move? I am about to embark on my three boys getting braces next month. OUCH. The cost is going to be like a mortgage. I am exagerating, but that's what it feels like. Hmmmm. I know in the end she will get those damn just stings right now with the holidays. Maybe that should have been one (or two) of her presents!! (side girl just called me and offered to pay for it herself....she is a sweetie..I know it will all work out for her not to)

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I have been attemting to do some shopping online. It can be easy and I can shop at any time and I don't have to hassle the crowds. Inevitabley, I will have a question so I end up placing my order on the phone. I actually like that better because I like the humaness of it. So, I place my order and all is well....UNTIL they tell me how much the shipping is!!!! Most places now will charge by amount of purchase, not the weight of what you are buying. ANNOYING. Does a pair of pants really cost $14.00 to ship? It's insulting. I will cause a hissy fit and more often than not I will get free shipping. Sometimes on principle, I will not get the items that I want if they don't reduce or give me free shipping. Who am I hurting? ME....but PALEEEEESE...don't stick it to me baby. I can always drive to the mall!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

On Love and Peace,


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  1. I went to place an order for $68 and the shipping was $39...more than 1/2 of the purchase price. I was so angry and the company wouldn't do anything about it, so they didn't get the sale. Outrageous!!!!!