Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Sixty-Nine..The Sexes Are Different


I am finding there is such a difference between teenage boys and girls. I like to be apart of my boys conversations. I am having a problem. First I have to get through the mumbling. Why do boys mumble? I don't get it. Besides not having to repeat themselves several times, what they are trying to say gets lost because of my impatience or loss of desire to know what they are trying to tell me. As I write this, this sounds pretty harsh. I DO care what they are doing in their lives, I just can't seem to get past their delivery!! I try to tell them to speak clearer, stop mumbling or please can you start the story again. They get super ANNOYED. They think I don't CARE. It's a total drag...we are caught up in the disconnect of mom language and teenage boy language.

The needing to be physical is a big difference as well. My boys are always trying to one up each other with whose a faster runner, whose a better soccer player, who pees longer and louder, who brushes their teeth better and so on and so on. Sometimes it's funny it really awesome to have stinkier farts and louder burps?!? LOL!!

I picked up my 3 boys from school today along with 3 other boys. Besides the loud noise and boy smell, they are so funny to listen to. They talk about who likes what girl(which is not always true..they say it to get a rise out of one of them) how they are better than the others in everything. No-one seems to mind because they are thinking of things to one up the one who just tried to diss them!!!! It's like verbal ping pong!!!!

Lets talk about girls. I know that we girls are not me drama exists between females. It is different though. There might be some harmful words followed by a tearful I am sorry. When my daughter and her friends got into my car after a full day of school, I smelled perfume!!! Girls giggle about cute boys and want to know all the details of the crush. They also try not to be the best at burping and farting even though it happens amongst us girlies. My daughter and her friends always had (and still do) deep conversations and they cared about each others successes and were there for the failures.

I am not saying that my boys and their friends don't care about each others highs and lows in life. They might give a punch instead of a hug and a "sorry dude" instead of a long conversation. Is one way better than the other? That's hard to say. Most men will say that women are overly analytical and dramatic. I like to think of us as sensitive and caring. Most women will say that men are distant and unemotional. Tomatoe Tomato Potatoe Potato...Whose right? Whose wrong? I am going to be comfortable with saying we are just.....different.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I feel like I bashed the male species today. I love my hubby. I love my boys. I love men. In this blog entry, I put women on a pedestal..and I probably should come clean. Girls and women can make me CRAZY. I am not always a peach either. The difference is that I understand the inter workings of most women. I did something rash today because I am an emotional female. I resigned from a board position because of words spoken. Should I have quit without sleeping on it? Probably not. Call me sensitive. Call me a hothead. Okay, just call me a female!!!

Can you relate?

More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

in Love and Peace,


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