Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Seventy-Nine.....People Come In And Out of Our Lives


I have been looking for my friend for about six years. She fell off the face of the earth. I knew she moved..but her cell changed as well. I tried to find her on My Space, Facebook..but she wasn't anywhere. I recently asked my hubby to post something on Facebook...none of the old cronies knew where she was. Today was a great day. My hubby comes into our room this morning..."Guess who friended me on Facebook today?" I had no clue. It was Susan!!!! I immediately sent her a message on Facebook and asked her to be my Facebook friend. We have talked several times today...time apart did not change the ease of our friendship. I am so happy that we are back in contact. I love when people come into my life after some time and they come back in with such ease and grace. I was so afraid that she had died as she has not been healthy. She is fine and her humor is there and so is her sweetness. She needed to go underground to heal. What a gift I got today.

Two of my boys want to quit middle school band. They don't like the songs they are learning and they think it is geeky. I am a component of not quiting in the middle of an activity or class.. They are at me every day to quit. I talked to the teacher today. She wasn't happy. She likes them and feels they are an asset to the program. Of course they are!! I don't want to fall prey to their pressure. I want to stick to my guns. If they quit this then will I be sending them a a message that it's okay not to follow through when things are boring? It's tough cuz the hubby is in agreement with them. He hated band as a kid too. I guess I am going to be the mean bitchy mom...but a lesson is a lesson. Following through builds character. I know they will not like me now, but later..like in a couple hours after I tell them "the news" they will be okay.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I don't know about you..but once a month right before when I got my period..the world was dark and bleak. Everything bugged me...especially my poor sweet and kind hubby. It didn't matter what he said or did..I had dagger eyes and a bitchy tone to my voice. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I listened to my PMS thoughts. I would be alone, raising four kids, sad, lonely and lost. I am sooooooooooooo very happy and grateful that I didn't listen to my crazy mind..and I am sure he is too!! There is something to be said for menopause..I don't have the monthly glitches in my brain that want to lead me to the dark side!!!

Lesson: Don't quit on life, love, and music!!!

Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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  1. I am so moved by today's Wolffie's Words (about me) that I can't see to type b/c the tears are just flowing...will salt water ruin my aluminum MacBook? I've felt so isolated these years since 9/11. Partly PTSD and partly circumstances. I moved 5 x's in 7 years twice on crutches. It was this slow decent from Sex in the City into Oliver Twist and I was overwhelmed and ashamed and felt so betrayed. I was a volunteer...I was being of service,how could something bad happen to me? Anyway... More will be revealed...

    Although I am not a Mom, I was a manager of the most unmanage-able of rockbands.

    While not feel qualified to comment on many Mom issues, I do feel qualifed to comment on the school band situation with your sons:

    Yiu're right! The boys should stick out the season everyone else is relying on them... it's a band...STevo, back Wolffie up!!;

    However, they should be paid for their work. I would be happy to negotiate on their behalf, pro bono.

    Do you wish I was lost again...?

    More love than miles from here to there and I'm almost in NH,