Friday, January 22, 2010

Day Eighty-Three..Are We Really Talking About That?


I was having a much needed lunch date with four of my oldest and dearest friends. I love eating with them because I never know what our conversations will be about. Sometimes it's about the highs and lows of our kids. Somtimes it's about the highs and lows of our hubbies. Sometimes it's about the highs and lows about our lives. Sometimes it's just plain silly and fun fun fun.

Today it was about boobs, face lifts, getting older and insurance companies. We never can complete a full sentence because someone is ALWAYS interrupting with a follow up to what the conversations is or a segway into another topic.

We are all 49 or fast approaching it and we marvel at how we have changed from several years back..what we look like now and what we are going to look like in the future. This sounds so impersonal and fake...but the truth is..OUR BODIES HAVE CHANGED. I announced today that I want to fix my boobs. Since the cancer, I have one perky radiated boob and my other one is hanging low. Sigh. " Wolffie, we all have saggy boobs. I can't tell that yours are lopsided." Gravity has taken our youthful boobs from us. Cancer or not..I would be a sagging. Those padded bras are a boob saver for sure. Then we moved onto our hips and legs. Some of us yo yo in our weight and some of us have stayed the same...BUT...we all have changed in the middle and our legs have changed too. Is this fair? We all agreed it is what it can't fight with ticks away with or without your consent. The one thing I LOVE about my gal pals is that they always have a kind word to say about our fallen soldiers..i.e. our boobies, our changing middles, and our wrinkles. We are eachothers allies.

My forever sweet friend Julie shared with us that most women are always wishing for our bodies to be how they were in the past..never realizing that in 10 years from now we would all kill for how our bodies are today...SO...we should revel in where we are..accept it and live in the moment. I have to for today I will be grateful for my one perky boob and one saggy boob. I will be overjoyed with my muffin tops..and I will embrace my booty.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I also announced today that I REALLY DISLIKE insurance companies. The hubby has to have a colonoscopy on Monday. The doctor's office called to say he has to pay a HUGE amount up front because of our insurance...Did I say only insurance? I meant SUCKY insurance. We are penalized for me having cancer and beating cancer. Imagine that?!? Anyways, this got my friends talking about ways for us not to have a radically high deductible...and there solution after we exhausted most of the scenarios.....AARP. What?!? "I am NOT a senior citizen ladies." My friend Lori had such glee in her eyes when she exclaimed, "You are 50 next year...and AARP has great benefits and a great magazine!!!" Was this supposed to make me happy?!? AARP? We all busted up (as usual when we are together). My first inclination would be for our government state and federal to take care of us (by that I mean all citizens of the ol US of A....not sure that will ever might have to be AARP. I can't wait to get the magazine. Do you think they have good pictures and large type?!?

Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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