Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day Eighty-Five...My New Love


I have been going on and on about medical stuff and I forgot to let you in on my latest "visit". As most of you know by now I have these little material obsessions from time to time. I often will see something in a store that pulls at my heart strings. It's usually a purse. I walked into a local boutique a few weeks ago and found the "it" bag of the moment. Well..it's a "it" bag for me at least. It was $199.00..a bit more than I was comfortable spending. The sales associate informed me that it was 25% off. It was still more than I wanted to spend. So I bean to "visit" the metallic silver bag with brass studs. It wasn't being reduced. I got bold one day and asked if I could have more 0ff. They hemmed and hawed and said I could have it for 30% off. It was still more than I wanted to spend. I truly didn't "need" it. So...I decided to stop visiting the bag and that was the end of it. UNTIL....two days ago. I walked past the store and saw a fabulous sign... ENTIRE STORE 60% OFF. My heart started racing. I walked into the store and took a beeline to where the purse was usually displayed. NO PURSE. I asked the sales associate about my bag..SHE SAID IT WAS GONE. I was a little down hearted as I tooled around the store to see if there was anything else that called out to me. There was nothing. I felt a bit defeated BUT THEN I SAW THE PURSE!!!!!!! I snatched that bag up as quickly as I could and dashed to the register. I was practically jumping up for joy..even with my bum knee. I pulled out my American Express gift card and purchased my bag that was meant for me!!! Happy belated birthday to me!!!! I am all for inner peace and I truly believe that happiness starts on the inside ...but every once in a while a good find does make my day.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. So back to my medical woes. I had my MRI today. What a pain in the you know what that was!!! I had to keep my knee straight for 45 minutes. I had to redo 4 pictures because my knee involuntarily jerked and the pictures were blurred. My mantra was "stay still ...breathe..it's almost over" Then I started making up songs to the different sounds coming from the intensely loud machine. It helped me to stop focusing on the burning sensation in my knee. Whatever it takes..right?!? I am hoping that all will be well..no tears in my meniscus and that I can get back to running soon. I know I have to take it slow....I don't really know much about that...but I guess this is forcing me to learn the lesson of patience.

Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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