Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day Eighty..What's All The Fuss About


Today was a doctor day. I took my three boys, 13, 13, and 12 to the pediatrician for their annual check-ups. I can't tell you how many times they asked me if the doctor was going to touch their penis. I said no each time and explained they are checking your balls(hope that doesn't offend anyone)..and it's just a quick check to see if they are functioning. OMG. You would think that the world was coming to an end. They must have amnesia about this because the ball checking has been happening since they were infants!!!! Maybe I should have told them about my bi yearly visits to the gynecologist for my pap smear. Or I could tell them about how my boobs get squished once a year for my mammogram.. Do you think they would want to know about how several doctors a year feel me up to make sure that the cancer has not come back?. Forget me, how about the prostate test their dad gets once a year. That would probably send them over the edge!! I know that nobody likes to have a clinical feel..I get it. It just caused me to giggle inside.Boys and their penis's are mystery to me! I am happy to report that my boys are all good..sacs and all. They have grown a ton, put on weight, have good heads on their shoulders, and are for the most part ( you know the constant bickering) are great kids. So I guess my hubby and I have done our jobs right so far.

After I dropped them off at school, I did a Major marketing. I had nothing in the frig or in our pantry. I must tell you that of all my so called jobs as a mother, I really don't like to go to the market. I like cooking and I like eating..but going up and down the isles to me is just ..I can't put it into words. Maybe its because I have so many choices. I wanted to buy Raisin Bran. Do I buy organic, plump raisins, whole wheat? What's a person to do?!? I just picked the one with the pretty purple box (it happened to be organic).

After the market I went to the orthodontist to see the plans for my twins braces.. OVERWHELMING!! The weird part is that my boys have the same exact mouth..bite, molars not quite in, and one wisdom tooth coming in. It's fascinating. They are identical twins..but in every day life they are so different. One is 5 inches taller and 14 pounds heavier so they don't always strike me as identical. I think I am going to have to get a part time job to pay for their beautification. Especially since my youngest will be in braces or a retainer in a few months as well. They are being so kind to giving us a payment plan. By the time we finish paying off their bills, they will be about to start college. Just writing this makes me want to go have a large frozen yogurt with sugar free hot fudge..but the thought of gas pains is discouraging me from this thought rapidly. Besides I can't escape the situation, can I?!?

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I know that if you have read my blogs once or twice, then you will know that I like shopping. It's not the act of shopping that I like. I am not the type who likes to spend all day going from store to store browsing, having lunch, browsing some more and then going for the purchase. I am a "I HAVE to have ________NOW. I will go into a store, a couple if I have to..try it on (not much of an online shopper as I love to feel the clothing, purse, shoe, or handbag) and buy it. Yesterday, I had to buy one of my boys a new suit. He had outgrown his that I bought 6 months ago. I went to Nordies. I bought a beautiful DKNY suit and Nordie white dress shirt. It all cost $297.00. I felt desperate as we are going to New York next week for our nieces Bat-Mitzvah. That seemed like a chunk of change as he seldom wears a suit. I sauntered down to Macy's. They were having a sale!!!! I picked out a beautiful 2 piece Calvin Klein suit for $145.00 at regular price. It was 25% off. The dress shirt was $26.00 and also 25% off. The problem I faced was the pants were gone from the 2 piece set!! Where did they go? They weren't in the back stock room and they weren't on the sales floor. Where were they? Rose, my friendly sales associate, was just as perplexed as me!!!! I ended buying a sports jacket, dress pant, 2 dress shirts, 3 pair of Levis Super Skinny's on sale (their new favorites). All this cost $247 buckaroos!!! The end result? The suit looks dashing on my boy, two Levi's are going back as well as one dress shirt. Oh, The Nordies purchase? Gone back to its original home. Fabulous!!!!

Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In Love and Peace,


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  1. Wendy, I totally relate - the doctor visit, the shopping - all of it. Wish we lived closer!