Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Entry One Hundred and Twenty-One..What Was I Talking About?!?

Hi. There is so much on my mind today..I don't know where to focus. Focus..hmmmm...this is something that I find is hard to do sometimes. Is it ADHD? Is menopausal brain or lack there of? I said I have so much that I wanted to talk about BU.... I can't remember whayt I wanted to say!!. IT was going to be profound and funny of course...where did the thought go? This is a problem on many levels. Sometimes, I want to have a heart to heart with one of the kids..and I lose my train of thought. Sometimes, I go into the house because I forgot something and I don't know why I re entered my house. Sometimes, I go to the market for a couple of things and I end up with a basket full of crap that I did not have any intention of buying and forgot what I went into the market for. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Am I alone in this? Do you sometimes feel like you are losing it?

Losing I remember what I wanted to talk about! Losing weight. It is f*ing hard when you are a post menopausal women . I am 50 years old and supposed to be in my prime...but my body doesn't show anything but "oh you have a middle aged..i am so sorry'' body. What's prime about that? Isn't 50 supposed to be the new 30?!? Don't think least in the body department. Now if I were to be completely honest (and you know I will be), I see a lot of hot over 50 mamas gallivanting around town in their tight work out clothes. Do they starve? Do they work out 4 hours a day? What is their secret? I could probably stand to lesson my portions of my healthy food consumption. It's always about those gosh darn least for me!!! I could probably stand to exercise more than I do but my knee is acting up. As I am writing this "EXCUSES"! keep going round and round in my ever so thick brain. Talking about excuses..I will give you some...."I am tired." "I have no time." "I don't like weights." "What's wrong with a bit of chocolate chips on my non fat frozen yogurt?" I think I want the results without the work. Don't you?!? When I was younger I could go on a Swiss Cheese and Nacho Cheese Doritos diet and lose weight ( I really did this and lost 19!!!). Now if I look at those foods, I gain weight! I guess the moral of this story is balance. Huh? How does one do that with four kids, , and hubby all the while trying to fulfill my inner child? I have yet to figure this balance thing out BUT I am trying!! I am TOTALLY a work in progress. Progress not perfection...right?!?

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. I went to my PFC meeting today and we had a speaker talk about raising healthy teenagers. My mind hurts a bit. They really have a lot more to deal with than I did when I was a teenager. There were times in the day when I could chill. Now with cell phones and Internet they really don't get a break from being bombarded with tweets, texting and keeping up on Face book. I have fallen into the technology trap myself. I find myself texting them throughout the day under the guise that if I don't text them, I won't remember what I want to talk to them about. This is partially true BUT I could jot a note for myself...but I run the risk of forgetting I wrote the note!! Isn't this really about instant gratification and instant results?!? Sometimes I wish I could pull in the reigns and let them be a bit more free from all the chaos the world throws at us. I do have some no texting at the dinner table. They can't play video games for hours on end and the computer doesn't come on until after homework is done. My guys do love to be outdoors kicking the soccer ball around. So all of the olden days is not lost. I just want to gain more of those olden days for them..Do you think they could survive living how we lived!!! Hmmmmmmm.

Can you relate? More will be revealed.

Signing off until we meet again. Please come back for more.

In Love and Peace,


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