Monday, February 1, 2010

Day Eighty-Seven...Where Did My Words Go?


I love computers and I loathe computers. Today I wrote my blog earlier than usual. It was an entry of all entries. I have this little 7 inch computer. It's great for writing in bed and when I want to write at Starbucks. It has wireless capabilities but not in my bedroom. I love to write there. I am in my comfy bed and I have my coffee on the nightstand. The kids and the hubby are gone and our dog is hanging with me. Today I wrote an entry that was funny and poignant. I always save my document the second I start because who wants to lose their file? This alert kept popping up about restarting my computer. I kept clicking onto the do it later. I was about one sentence from completing my entry when a box came up with: Do you want to save, delete or cancel your file? I did not have time to click save when my computer abruptly starting shutting down. Panic struck. I rebooted my damn computer. My file was still there!!! Oh no it wasn't. It was blank. WHERE DID MY WORDS GO? They were such good and funny words. I liked them..they were important to me. How was I going to recreate them when I can barely remember my kids names? Okay so I do remember my kids names even though I am constantly calling them by the wrong name. I kinda go through them all until I come to the right name for the right kid. Sometimes I throw in my dog's name and the kids don't love that I do that...but he too can sometimes overwhelm and annoy me. Sorry for the tangent. Back to the computer. I tried to find the file by opening and closing the file several billion times. BLANK. I called tech support. What a joke that was. I was on hold for 20 minutes only to find that I had to be with another tech support team. I waited for about 10 more minutes and got someone on the phone. I was a bit "chilly" when I first started talking to "Tech Head". He informed me that my document is gone gone gone? "Where did it go"? "I don't know Ma' just evaporated". "EVAPORATED. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN"? "I don't know Ma' sometimes just happens". "Can't we find it somewhere in my computer. The police can find deleted documents". "We are not the FBI Ma'am. Tech support does not have those capabilities." My blood is rising and my panic is turning to...I can't even find an adjective to describe my feelings. "Ma'am. Are you there?" "Oh yes I am here. I am just trying to swallow the fact THAT MY WORDS ARE MISSING. What can I do to prevent this from happening again. I saved the folder..So what can I do?" "Ma' did not save the document after it asked you to shut down. We can unload and reload you computer. You must save your folders on a flash drive". "Thank-you for your time. I will call another time."

After that conversation, I realized that I got no technical support. Tech Head managed to make me more flustered and angry than I was before I called. I did not feel supported at all. Was I really so naive to think that my words were going to come back to me? I was hopeful.

Maybe the lesson here was that my words were not meant to be read. Maybe they were written for me to purge and that's it. Hmmmm.

Why listen to Wolffie? Because I get it. On the flip side of my horror of a morning today, I did have a lovely and funny exchange with my College Studette this morning. Yesterday I received a question from my girl on my Facebook. It was one of those questions that FB asks and people respond and I am not even sure where it originates from. Nonetheless the question was: Name somebody that you just couldn't live without? Now to me this is a loaded it my hubby, my kids (I can't name just one), my mom, my friends,or my higher power? I would miss them all. My first reaction when I read this was my hubby. So.... I clicked on comment and wrote: my hubby. She responded back to me and I quote: "that was asking me about who I couldn't live without , and I answered you"! Awwwww. Isn't she sweet?!? I answered back and I quote: "Lol. Thanks sweetie!!!! I cldn't live without you either :) "

I clicked send. Then I wrote back again and I quote: "Btw....where does it say that"?!?

I missed it. I don't understand how by sending me the question..she answered it!! Am I FB illiterate?!? Whatever I am on underastanding FB..the one thing that I know is that I am so damn lucky that my 19 year old College Studette can't live without me? Who can't you live without?!?

Can you relate? More will be revealed. Please come back for more.

Signing off until we meet again.

In love and peace,



  1. first of all this was my favorite post of yours to date...second of all, I saw her post as well as her response "my mom" and though "awww", how sweet" xo